7 ways to mindful traveling


In the past year I have traveled much more than usual, cause I decided to adventure more and do more of what I truly love. That means I find myself on a plane much more often. And in a good part of 2018, Bo and I will be traveling full time.

Traveling by plane has often left me with a cluttered mind and body – I just feel off and often quite tired even after a short plane ride.

Therefore I started implementing little things that would make me feel better while up in the air. I wanna share them with you, so you can get the best out of your next trip.

1. Hydrate your body well before and after. Being up in the air can really dehydrate you body – therefore it needs all the hydration it can get before and after. I use olive oil from top to toe in the shower – it is a great fat oil for winter and for dry skin.

2. Sounds cliché (I know), but key here is water. Hydrating your body is not just from the outside, the inside needs as much care and hydration too when traveling. Did you know that 85% of the brain is water!?

3. Do stretches. Sitting still in a chair for 5 hours or more will make your body all stiff and achy. While I know it might be difficult to do stretches on a plane, it is still possible to move your body and stretch your back and neck from your seat. And while you are waiting for the toilet anyways, you might as well do some stretches for your legs too. Find more inspiration here.

4. Essential oils are slowly becoming a bigger part of my life, why? Well, they have the ability to set the mood. I still do not use them much at home, but I rarely board a plane without my lavender and peppermint oils. I put a few drops of lavender on my wrists and neck in the beginning of the ride, when I need to relax and maybe sleep. And when it is time to rise and shine, I use the peppermint on the same places to freshen up. I use this Danish brand.

5. Invest in a good travel pillow to support your neck. This has been a game changer for me. I did not have one for many years – did not think I needed one, but since I got one, I have been able to sleep like a baby on my longer flights. I use this one.

6. Bring an extra pair of socks and a scarf. It can get pretty cold up in the air and there is nothing worse than having cold feet while trying to sleep or to get a cold from all the air conditioning before a vacation. Sometimes I even bring my UGG slippers (I LOVE them).

7. Meditation – meditation – meditation. What better time to utilize the many hours on a plane than to come back to your center, breathe deeply and relax your whole body. Connect to yourself, to your breathing and get comfortable in your own skin. Don’t know how to meditate? Or need a guided meditation? Try one of my meditations here.

Did you find them useful? what are some of your tips for traveling more comfortable and mindful? Let me know in the comments – and happy adventures to you guys <3

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