How to optimize your everyday life and your health


We all know the feeling we have after a vacation somewhere warm and sunny. We have spent a week or maybe two if we are lucky, to slow down and relax. We have finally found time to read that book and going for walks by the beach, swimming in the ocean and just been enjoying life and the sun on our skin. It is a wonderful refreshing feeling that almost makes us feel reborn.

One of my first jobs I got after uni, was sitting by a computer at a desk, five days a week, 9-5. I was sitting indoor all day, missing all the sunlight outside that in winter is very limited in Denmark. I felt my health getting worse. My skin acted up. I found myself getting sick more often than I ever did before and it did not help my mood either.

So, I thought to myself, is it worth working just for the sake of good money and looking forward to the weekends? That was a big fat no, it is my everyday life that counts that I truly have to be content about.

So, if you are working a job sitting indoor by the computer all day or just feel something is missing in your life, see below how you can get more value out of your everyday life and optimize your health:

¥ First of all, and this is a big one, it is important to feel in your stomach if you are actually happy and content in your job, if yes, go to the next point.

If no, I want you to start focusing and notice if there are small changes you could do or ask for at your current job, that would make it better – it could be, getting more or less responsibility, being part of another team or a new project. If you want to change jobs, shift to a whole different career or start your own business, I encourage you to take action. If you are uncertain of what exactly your dream job looks like, journaling is a good way to start. Having a routine of writing your thoughts down in the morning or at night, is a good way to become aware of your desires, interests and ideas. Slowly start to build on these thoughts and take small action steps towards your dream life. I know this can be overwhelming, but it is worth it and you deserve only the best.

¥ Get outside in nature every single day to give you joy and improve your health throughout the week. It could be:

  • having a meeting out in the park instead of inside in the office
  • see if you can incorporate outdoor activities with your work
  • having your lunch outside in the sun
  • take the bike to work instead of the car or public transport
  • go for a walk by the beach and take off your shoes to feel the sand, even though it might feel too cold
  • have a warm cup of tea on your balcony in the sun – especially important in winter when the sun is limited in Denmark
  • go for a catch up with a good friend in the park instead of sipping coffee at a cafe.

¥ Another way to optimize your everyday life, is always having a vacation or smaller trip planned. It does not have to be more than a few days to just get away and see something different. Like this you can look forward to it and talk to your partner, family or friends about your trip together. A big part of your vacation is actually the time before – where you can dream and look forward to the trip. And then when you are on the trip, enjoy every minute of it and go venturing – you will be amazed of how getting out seeing and doing something different than your daily routine, can shift your mood, spark your creativity and refresh your energy.

¥ Take a long hot shower and massage your body from top to toe with olive oil or coconut oil and really put attention to your body, love it and care for it (cause it is the only one you get in this lifetime) – your skin will love you for it too.

These are all ways to optimize your health in your everyday life, so that you can feel full of energy, as when you have just been on a vacation and find more joy in your life.

If you have any questions to the above or want more guidance from me on how to find your dream job or incorporate these routines into your life – please contact me on or comment below. I would love to hear from you!


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