Did your dreams ever turn out differently from what you thought they would?

Let me take you a few months back, back to December. We were ready to go adventuring the world. This had been our dream for a long time and we had done the planning for almost a year. Bo and I quit our apartment in Aarhus and our jobs as well.


After Christmas we were ready to go out into the world and live that nomad life. The free life, full of new adventures every day, living the simple life out of a suitcase with no worries but where to sleep the following day.


And let me tell you, it was an adventure, better than I could have ever imagined. Why not live on the road full time and work from your computer, while experiencing beautiful nature each day and different cultures each month? Sounds like the dream and it was MY DREAM…


For the first few months on the road, this was still the dream, but the longer time we were abroad and away from home, the more I realized, living out of a suitcase 1000s of kilometres away from home was maybe not the dream life for me.


I started missing family and friends of course, but also just having a base from where I could call home. Don’t get me wrong, we still had a blast exploring different cultures in both Mexico and Cuba, but the dream of living the free life as a nomad, started to fall apart.


I thought coming back to Denmark would be heavyhearted because then all the adventures were done, all that we had been planning for so long was over. But it was the exact opposite, I love being back in Denmark. I love the Danish Spring, the chilly weather and the seasons. I love being back amongst family and friends and eat all my favourite dishes. I cannot wait to create a new base and new adventures in Copenhagen.


I will never stop exploring the world and never get tired of travelling – as long as I have a base that I can call home, where most of my family and friends are.


What I wanted to come across with this post, was just acknowledging it is okay that your goals and dreams change. Dreams we have had our whole life might not turn out the way we expected and that is OKAY. Things happen in life that changes our perspective and we get wiser the more we explore our dreams. That is why I will encourage you to keep exploring your dreams and goals in life and if they do not turn out the way you thought, try to see the great things in that, see all the things you have learned in the process. And then finally, go a different direction until you live your dream life.

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