How to create balance in your life

Can you count the times you have heard about a new miracle diet that wants you to eat a certain way to make you loose weight or take supplements to get all of your vitamins and be healthier or use Tinder because everyone else is using this app to find the love of their life? It is easy to just follow the stream, do what everyone else is doing and what seems to be working for everyone else, without listening to what you really want and what your body needs.


We are all different. What works for someone, might not work for you. So, if a diet makes your friend loose 10 kg, it might not be the case for you. The same goes for everything else in life,


  • living in the city vs. in the country side
  • meeting the love of your life through a dating site vs. meeting them at an event in real life
  • working a corporate job vs. being an entrepreneur


We all have different needs and it is our job to listen to what we want in life and what works for us, to make our dream life come true and not make the dream life of someone else.


Could I just ask you to consider these three things, please?:

  • That you delete the word should out of your vocabulary. If you do not want to do something, do not feel obligated to do so just because everyone else is doing it.
  • That you listen to what your body needs – way too often we get carried away with what works for everyone else and without realizing it, we create a life that might not be making us happy.
  • Try not to worry about being judged by people around you, especially for the choices you make – just accept and love how you choose to live life, it makes life so much more fun, enjoyable and much less stressful.


I am not a fan of diets, I do not think they work – and I am saying that, having tried a lot of them during my teen years. However, they can be a great stepping stone to a healthier lifestyle. In the long run, however, I believe in balance. Finding balance in your own body – not everyone strives on eating eggs or whole grain breads. Find out what works for you. Not just in your diet but in all areas of your life and you will automatically create true magic in your life.

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