Hi! My name is Marie.

An Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a true believer in living your dream life IS possible.

I am stunned that you are here and I want to tell you all about my story, but first, let me guess why you are here…

You are seeking more freedom in your life

Tired of running that hamster wheel every single day

You know you were destined for something more

Am I close?

Let me tell you, YOU are in the right place, because I totally get you – I know what it feels like wanting more out of life than just a 9-5 job or just more freedom in your life.

Allow me to be real with you. It is completely possible to get out of that hamster wheel and to live the life of your dreams. You do not have to follow the norms of the society and fit into that box society would like to put us in.

I encourage you to be your own unique self, spread your wings and show the world all your amazing qualities and start living on your own terms. You can do this!


I believe in breathing deeply every single day. Many of us goes through life thinking in our heads but never feeling with the heart. Always breathing but never breathing slow and deep.

Breathing deeply and slow every single day changed my life. It allowed me to stop up and just be in the here and now – cause after all that is all we have, the here and now. It allowed me to work towards my goals and dreams, be love in every step I take.

So whether you want to find the love of your life, get healthier and fit, find your life’s purpose or just a purpose with your life, let breathing deeply and let me guide you to get the balance, confidence, energy and action-steps to live your dream life.

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The 3 things I love the most in the world (besides my bf and family):

  • adventuring the world
  • spreading the word of breathing deeply
  • guiding women to to live the best life they ever dreamt of – cause lets face it, we all deserve the best. 

It is easy to say, just do it, just quit your job and go for your dreams, just eat all of the veggies and loose that weight or just be more open and find your soulmate.

It is NOT just that easy to change your habits and that is why I am here to guide you and stick by your side every step of the way to see you succeed.

Want to know more about me? I will give you…


//I once went on a soup diet, which today means I cannot eat cooked veggies or Ratatouille.

//I lived in Paris for 5 years.

//I have a bachelor in Communication and film – Master in Media Studies.

//I LOVE cucumber – I once got a whole bag of cucumbers from my grandmothers garden that I could snack of – best thing ever!

//I started meditating after a bad breakup and it was the best thing that could have happened for me – I have been meditating every single day for 5 years.

//I am born on a small island in Denmark.

//My boyfriend and I were classmates in 8th and 9th grade, it wasn’t until our late twenties we got together.

//I have started multiple projects up that I never finished – that is how it is sometimes when you are multi-passionate.

//I write all my material in English and then translate it to Danish afterwards.