South Bali – Where and how – Part One

A quick guide to explore south Bali. My boyfriend and I visited Bali this summer and fell in love with the beautiful nature, the delicious local food and the genuine nice Balinese people. The first part will concentrate on the places we stayed and how we got around the island.


Where we stayed

We had ten days on Bali and wanted to explore as much of the south as possible, which is why we stayed three different places on the island including out on some smaller islands.

We started in Sanur the first few days, and let’s be honest – after a 19 hour flight – you need some sleep. We did not see much of the small city except our beautiful hotel Artotel and the hotel gardens lying out to the beaches with little fisher boats floating along the beach.

From Sanur we took a boat ride to the Nusa Islands. This is three small islands situated south of Bali. We stayed at the smallest one and we had to walk some of the way to get there, cause the infrastructure did not allow us to drive in their small vans all the way. Our hotel Le Pirate Beach Club was situated right out to the sea and we stayed in small little cabins with outdoor shower – such an idyllic place!

The last place we stayed was of course Ubud. We had to see the essence of Bali – the place where all the yogis go. The city itself was very crowded with tourists and had four main streets full of little shops, healthy cafees and market places. We stayed a little outside the center in Kamandalu Hotel and Resort – it was an experience in itself. The resort had its own rice padding fields, jungle, spa, pools and lovely cafees and restaurants – it was magical.

How we got around

The infrastructure in Bali was much better than I thought, but still it took quite some time to get from a to b in certain areas. So when we wanted to go for dinner in Seminyak from Sanur, it could easily take over an hour to drive the 16 km, because the roads were narrow and full of traffic.

We normally took a taxi when we wanted to go somewhere – it was cheap and the taxi drivers often acted as guides as well, which were great cause they knew all the good places and they were more than happy to help.

On the little Nusa islands we rented scooters and it was a great way to get around on the narrow streets. The traffic was much better than on the main land – so we had a blast driving around discovering little secret spots.

Next up will be on all the places we explored and the delicious food we ate – stay tuned 🙂

Barcelona – places we explored

Visiting a new place, does for me not necessarily mean I need to see all the historical places like museums and churches. They are often very touristic and very crowded, I therefore feel they loose their charm.

No, put me on a sidewalk cafe, on a little market place or on a bike – where I can watch the people around the city, feel the culture and taste the food.

We biked and walked around Barcelona. On a bike you can get to see more places in shorter time + it is a great exercise 🙂

Visit Mercat de Santa Caterina – it is an indoor market place with fresh produce, more locals and less tourists even though it is located in the city center. It is a good alternative to La Boqeria ⇓

We stayed at NH Collection Podium…⇓

3 healthier breakfast spots in Barcelona + vegan ice-cream go to

Since we are visiting a lot of great restaurants while traveling, it is important for me to eat healthy as well. Therefore I want to give you recommendation of some healthier restaurants as well. For me it is important to always stay healthy and feel good in my body, which is why I do a lot of research before leaving, to find the best places to have less sugar, butter and bread and more greens, juices and gluten free options. See my favorites below.

Flax and Kale

This is a very hip and upcoming restaurant, with high ceilings and a raw look. The food did not disappoint at all. I could have eaten here every day, to try everything on the menu. We only had one morning free for brunch, which is why we had more than two dishes and a juice each, to get the most of it 🙂

My favorite dish: Flax and Kale’s Healthy Pancakes with red quinoa, blueberry soya yogurt and fresh fruit.


This place had as the the names states a very tropical atmosphere, with tropical flowers and palms everywhere. They had great healthier food options, such as acai bowls, gluten free tacos, fruit bowls and lots of colorful juices.

My favorite dish: The Acai bowl with homemade granola and fresh berries (best one ever).

Healthy restaurant in Barcelona with lots of juices and fruit bowls

Brunch and Cake

I found this place at home while researching for good, healthier places to eat. It is situated just out to the beautiful harbor of big yachts. While the name of the place might state differently, it had a lot of sugar free, gluten free, vegan and organic options with lots of superfoods and fresh fruit.

My favorite dish: Ricotta and oat pancake with banana, seeds and berries.

Dino Gelato Italiano

Randomly came across this awesome gelateria – that had loads of different icecream flavors with gluten free, lactose free, egg free, nuts free, soy free and vegan options. I got the liquirice, strawberry and dark chocolate flavors. They all tasted heavenly – I will definitely come back for more.


My top 3 restaurants in Barcelona

There are some restaurants we visit again and again while we are in Barcelona, because they simply deliver the best quality food, interesting plates and great tastes every time. Some we only tried once, but they are definitely a recommendation worthy. See a selection of the best restaurants of Barcelona below.

Dos Palillos

This tapas bar is a mix of the Spanish and the Japanese cuisine, which is a reason in itself to visit it. You can book table in the Asian bar that has a set menu and you sit around the kitchen in a bar. If you did not book a table in advance you can get a table out in their tapas bar and choose from an a la carte menu. I can recommend both seatings. The restaurant has one Michelin star.

Favourite dish: Japanese burger


This place, we only visited once, but it is definitely worth a try if you want a food experience out of the ordinary. We had our seatings at 1 pm and spent most of the day there. The atmosphere in there was very bright and reminded me most of a greek island, I have never been to one of those, but I imagine they would feel like this place. They experiment with molecular dishes and play with textures. For example, we got served what looked like four toast sandwiches but the texture in the mouth was like frozen compressed dust and it tasted like gazpacho – truly amazing. The restaurant has one Michelin star.

Favourite dish: Panchino (warm pastry bread) with caviar beluga


Tapas 24

Busy tapas restaurant – not possible to book table beforehand but a must go each time we visit Barcelona.

Favourite dish: Their Bikini with truffle